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Natural cork is our specialty.  All corks are hand-selected by Alberico Miranda and each and every cork is individually and non-destructively tested for TCA and other off aromas.  We have corks available in 54x24mm, 49x24mm, 45x24mm, 38x24mm and large format sizes as well.  We carry out all printing and coating in New Zealand.

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Naturally created, technically perfected.  Vinc by Cork Supply are a range of perfectly homogenous, TCA taint free* corks which come with a bottle back guarantee.  There are four different types of still wine cork to choose from each with a different oxygen transmission rate to suit your wine.

*Click here to see the technical specification sheet for more information



We offer the CS Cuvée 0 + 2 traditional cork closures for premium sparkling wine.  These corks consist of an agglomerate body and two natural corks discs on the end.  These are available in three different grades. 

For those who prefer technical, we also offer the Vinc Cuvee corks from Cork Supply.  These corks are TCA taint free* and provide superior gas retention performance.  Click here for a technical specification sheet.

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