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Originally from Santa Maria de Lamas (the heart of the cork manufacturing industry) in Portugal, Alberico Miranda has worked in the cork industry all of his life.  Alberico initially began supplying top quality corks to wineries in New Zealand and Australia directly from Portugal in 2000. 

During a visit to New Zealand at the end of 2002, he fell in love with the country and saw that there was a niche in the market for a supplier of top quality wine corks.  Accordingly at the end of 2003, he set up a cork plant complete with printing and treatment facilities at the Wineworks Complex in Hawke’s Bay. 

Since that time, our range has grown to include bottle capsules, screw caps, sparkling products, bar top closures, barrels and oak products as well as our speciality, cork.

We are privileged to be the New Zealand distributors of the Relwine screw cap and bottle capsules by Americo Coelho Relvas.  Every year we offer a comprehensive selection of barrels and oak products from Portuguese coopers Tonnellerie JM Goncalves and French Cooperages Tonnellerie Nadalie and Tonnellerie Marsannay.

Through our association with these excellent suppliers, our quality focus and our customer-centred approach, our aim is to deliver to our customers a winning influence with each and every product supplied.

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