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Nadalié is one of those families that is committed to perpetuating great craft traditions.
Since 1902, the company has mastered every detail of the subtle and complex art of cooperage.
The current generation of four brothers and sisters is now bringing a more modern and dynamic vision to this ancestral profession.
In them, they have the DNA essential for producing products that allow the world’s wines to flourish and show their beauty.  Click here to see the different ranges of barrels, vats, casks and oak add-ins as well as to learn more about Nadalié.



Located in the heart of the Burgundy, Tonnellerie Marsannay accompanies the « Clos », « Maisons », « Domaines » and « Châteaux » in their work of aging and enhancing their wines. Keen to respect the history of their region, Tonnellerie Marsannay does everything in its power to live up to its values:  respect of the raw material, respect of the unique know-how of the master coopers, respect of the uniqueness of the wines and the demands of the skills of the winegrowers, giving individual attention to each and every customer.  

Click here to see our range and to learn more about our craft.



J.M. Gonçalves is a family run cooperage with nearly 100 years of operation that has combined the experience and knowledge of four generations of coopers with the use of the latest technology - an advantage which has taken their barrels to all four corners of the earth.  . 

Their modern facilities located in Palaçoulo, Miranda do Douro (Portugal) are in the Parque Natural do Douro - a place of unquestionable ecological purity with excellent conditions for the natural drying of their wood from both a climatic and ecological point of view.

Click here to learn more about this cooperage and their products.

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